Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Cute Jar Lids

I like to keep glass jars instead of throwing them away as they are always useful to keep little things together, but I hate the ugly lids. I had a quick look online for ideas on how to decorate them using paper. I didn't really like any of the tutorials that I found so I did a little trial and error, after all if it didn't work I needed to throw a few out anyway.

So here is how I have made my cute little jar lids - which cost me nothing as I already had all the supplies!


  • Jar Lid/s - I did a production line after my trials and errors
  • Decorative Paper - I used a thick glossy gift wrap with geishas
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Sealer - I used Jo Sonja's Gloss Varnish which I get in the craft section at Bunnings
  • Glue - I stole my husbands super glue as it dries fast and is thin
  • Paintbrush
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Blu-Tack
  • Bottle/Cup/Glass (to trace your circle and also to sit your jar lid on while painting)

Step 1: Start by wiping your jar lid clean. Use your blu-tack to stick your jar lid to the top of a bottle or plastic cup. This will allow you to paint the bottom edges at the same time as the top. Start painting and do as many coats as needed for full coverage. I didn't bother with the centre of the jar lid as it will get covered with the paper.

Step 2: You now need to find a bottle that fits on the inside rim of your jar lid. Now place the bottle on top of your paper and trace a circle. Cut out your circle and check that it fits your lid. 

Step 3: Put your super glue around the centre of the lid, don't put it right to edges, then place your circle of paper down and smooth the glue out to the edges. If you put too much glue on the lid, make sure you wipe the excess away or it will bubble up look like my lid at the top left of my second last photo. Don't be afraid of super glue, just wipe it off with your finger then let it dry on your finger before you touch anything else. You can peel it off your skin later.

Step 4: Stick your lid back onto your bottle and start sealing the lid. Make sure you do the bottom edges as well. I did 4 coats of sealer on each of my lids.

And after your jar lid has dried you can fill up your jar and pop your cute new lid on top!
Now I can have my jars of craft supplies on display on my shelves instead of hidden out of sight.

The blue lid is for my husbands little computer screws - if he asks I can tell him they are in the blue jar!

I cleaned the paper glue from the labels off my jar by soaking them in hot water then scraping off as much as I could using my fingernail. After drying them I wipe off any excess sticky sections using a cotton wool ball and eucalyptus oil. I also removed the best before date by wiping with a cotton wool ball and metho.

I also put bi-carb in my jars with the lid screwed on until I want to use them, this absorbs most of the smell.
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