Friday, 30 August 2013

Eyelet Ribbon Hand Towels

I recently had a housewarming party to go to which meant thinking of a useful gift that I could make. I always find it hard trying to think of gifts for people who already have everything they need, rather than adding clutter that they won't ever use.

So I opted for hand towels trimmed with ribbon. With little kids they will always come in handy - and while my thought process is that hand towels are for use in the kitchen or bathroom, a small towel can have multiple uses!

Originally I picked a red polka dot ribbon, until I saw this pretty eyelet ribbon - I bought both and finally decided to go with the eyelet. I trimmed both towel ends with the ribbon, doing a straight stitch along the top and bottom where my white stitches would be hidden. For the ends I chose to do a satin stitch to prevent any fraying as well as to disguise the ribbon end a little.

These are easy enough to make and I figure they would be a good gift to make in advance and keep on hand in case of any last minute parties. I might even make some for my own house!
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