Thursday, 6 June 2013

Trixie's New Jeans Bed... so far

I've started working on a new bed for Trixie to fit on my side of the bed - and yep it is again being made using the denim from old jeans. You might remember Trixie's original jeans bed which had the top piece made using whole sections of the jeans. This time though, I didn't want to spend so much time struggling to sew through all those thick layers! I also don't think I have enough jeans for this bed either which isn't inspiring me to hurry up and get it finished.

Because of the lack of fabric I opted to sew all the scrap pieces together to create a time consuming top piece. That idea was all thanks to seeing the Crazy Quilt Sewalong post over at Sew Can She - otherwise it would be tiny squared off pieces sewn together!

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out - especially considering a lot of the scraps I used were quite stretched out. If I don't forget about it, I  might also do some decorative stitching for the sides - similar to what I did on Dash's denim cat bed.

Now here's hoping I have enough of the old denim leftover to finish her bed sooner rather than later - Trixie (the spoiled dog) is not happy sleeping on a pile of blankets and instead chooses to sleep on her bed in the office by herself!
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