Thursday, 13 June 2013

Squiggly Sewn Cushion Covers

I made a couple of cushions for my sister's birthday back in April - after a lot of frustration! Lately I haven't had much luck finding fabric for specific projects, and yet again I couldn't find anything I liked in red and black.

You might remember seeing a post I did for the envelope clutches where I just sewed heaps of random 'squiggles' on black fabric. Since I was really happy with my personalised fabric I decided to use that idea for my sister's cushions - after checking mum's opinion first of course!

I think they turned out great - although they were impossible to photograph. It is still enough of a novelty that I enjoyed the crazy sewing process and have added the need for my own squiggly cushion to my project list.

I'm starting to think I shouldn't look for fabrics for specific projects, rather I should buy the fabric I like and think about what to use it for later on...
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