Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Trixie's Birthday Collar

It's Trixie's 2nd birthday today! When I got her as a puppy I wanted to make sure I took more photos of my pets - when they are babies I take heaps of photos and then I stop using my camera again. So every year I plan on taking photos of Trixie and Dash on their birthdays - and by take photos I mean that I want nice, clear photos of them with a nice background!

Trixie is normally great for photos, except she has been very naughty lately so the majority of the photos I took are of her looking away...

The middle one turned out the best but I just had to make a simple collage in MyMemories to remind me of this years photo attempts! Hopefully she behaves better for next years photos and that my garden has grown some more to give a nice backdrop.

Since it was her birthday I had a great reason to make her a new collar! I reused all the old hardware and this time I bought a purple ribbon with white birds printed on it. I didn't make it long enough for many adjustments though, luckily she stopped growing last year!

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