Friday, 8 March 2013

Insulated Lunch Box

My husband takes his own lunch to work, mostly because it would cost too much to eat out everyday! Originally we bought ourselves lunchboxes (that weren't too kiddy) but because he takes a container of leftovers and an iced coffee his lunchbox seams and zipper busted. So I (stupidly) suggested I make him a lunchbox to perfectly fit his coffee and food container with plenty of room for ice packs. 

Last Friday I told you that my goal this is to finish the projects I had started, and this lunchbox was one of them (and the most important to get finished).

I can proudly say that I finished it. 

And I hope it lasts him a long, long time because I don't want to make another one!

He chose the outer fabric at Spotlight, for the inside I used fabric from IKEA on which I wrote a note saying I love you (finishing this lunchbox definitely shows him just how much!), used some leftover clear vinyl to line it and used insulated batting to help keep everything cold.

It turned out well, apart from the zip which is hard to do up on the corners. And the most important things is that it fits what it needs  to fit with room to spare! It has been in use for one month now and no seams have popped open. It was a difficult project, both to sew and to figure out how to sew - maybe I should find tutorials before I attempt  a project like this.
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