Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Rumballs Recipe Card

I'm not really into cooking and even when I feel like cooking I don't really use my recipe books. If I find a recipe I want to follow, it normally gets written on a piece of paper because I don't want to get food all over my books. Inevitably I lose those little pieces of paper, so I decided to use my new scrapbooking software to create beautiful recipe cards!

I have most of my favourite recipes typed up on my computer already, which I have printed and laminated, but printing on plain white paper with no photos isn't very nice to look at! 

So for my first ever recipe card I decided to use my rumball recipe. Every Christmas I make these rumballs... and force my husband to help because it always takes longer than the time I have allocated! At Christmas there are a lot of different parties to attend which means a lot of rumballs to make - I normally do three or four batches each year.

I love my recipe book stand, but the bottom bit that stops the books sliding off is always blocking the recipe text. Now with my recipe card I can just use pegs to hold it at the top and I won't have any trouble reading my recipes!

Since this is a Christmas recipe I decided to use some star embellishments and hints of red. I love the ripped effect you can add to the photo in this scrapbooking software - it looks like the photo has been ripped out of a magazine! And as you can see I had fun with the word art for this layout, the curve of the text works well with the photo.

Do you want a copy of my rumballs recipe card so you can make some for Christmas this year? Just click on the recipe card below to bring it up in full size, then right click and select save image as!

I just took it to Kmart to have it printed as a 5x7 photo which I then laminated when I got home. Now if I spill something on my recipe I can easily wipe it clean and as a bonus it will be a lot harder to lose!

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