Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Photo Clock

Most people don't realise this, but I really like clocks. I like to be able to see the time from where ever I am and I have to check the time before I go to sleep. Even though I like clocks, it isn't something I feel the need to buy as there are only so many clocks you can have in one room.

For our first house we bought a simple stainless steel clock with a red background - which eventually faded to pink. So I updated it with scrapbook paper, which I decided I didn't like, so I changed the scrapbook paper (which I also made some tile coasters with).

Why use scrapbook paper when I could use the MyMemories software to create my own personalised photo clock!

The great thing about this scrapbook software is that any font you have installed in your computer can be used. I used one of our wedding photos as the background and decided to use the free Angelic War font for my clock numbers. 

To create my clock face I used the ring embellishment to decide where and how big I wanted the clock part to be. Then using a text box for each number I simply used the ring as a guide for where to place each number. After I was happy with the numbers I decided to delete the ring.

So how did I make the actual clock? I cut my piece of wood (by that I mean my husband did since he won't let me use the power saw), glued my photo down, drilled the hole for the clock, puttied the edges, painted the edges and chipped a hole in the back so the clock mechanism could sit close enough to hold the hands in place.

How would I do it next time? Buy the right size canvas (8x12" for this one), paint it, glue down the photo, poke a hole for the clock, install clock, and done!

Either way, I'm happy with my new one of a kind clock (one of a kind since I'll never make a clock that way again!) and now I just need to hang it up in our bedroom - bringing the total number of clocks in our bedroom up to 4!

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