Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Origami Balloon Flowers

One of many ideas I had for my wedding was to make an origami flower bouquet so I asked my dad to buy me the book "Origami Flowers: Popular Blossoms and Creative Bouquets" by Hiromi Hayashi. 

I attempted a few of the flowers, failed and promptly gave up as I just didn't have the time to work at it. After going through my boxes of books and finding this one again, I decided that I would like to work my way through this book and create all of the flowers!

For my first flower attempt I chose the balloon flower as it looked relatively easy and only used one sheet of paper.

So once I got the cutting of the paper correct, I found this flower to be pretty easy to do. They turned out alright which is the main thing!

I made this rainbow bunch of origami 'get well soon' balloon flowers for my SIL.

I didn't wrap any paper leaves into the stems, but there are templates in this book that you can trace and cut. I was having problems with my floral tape, I don't know if it was the tape or just me - either way I guess I will find out when I buy a new roll. The instructions said to use a piece of yellow floral tape for the center but I didn't have any so I just rolled strips of yellow paper around it.

Hopefully I do this well for the next flower I choose!
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