Friday, 15 February 2013

Holiday Scrapbook Pages

Way back in 2007 we went to Thailand and I bought a Thai photo album with the intent to scrapbook our holiday. And yes, I kept all sorts of trinkets and bits of paper. Fast forward six years and it's all still sitting in a shoebox - well I think it is, I couldn't tell you where to find it!

Since the original scrapbook idea isn't going to happen, I decided to use my new scrapbooking software to make a scrapbook of our holiday. This software is obviously what I needed as I have already done 5 pages from our holiday over the past two days. I used the "On the Spot" designer template included with the software. It was easy enough to change the colours to my liking as well as put in my own text. I loved that you can easily have the text curve around the circular photos.

Originally I was just going to focus on an album for our holiday and then start one for our wedding. Now I think I might go through my photos and start scrapbooking in chronological order from when we first started dating. Then when I get around to it start a scrapbook for each of our childhoods.

So that is yet another project I have started and now need to add to my "Finish these projects" list!
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