Friday, 25 January 2013

Quick & Easy Trivets

Last month I finally got around to making some trivets to use in our kitchen. Normally we just sit baking dishes or pots on the stove but that can be a problem when you are using the stove!

You might remember this post where I attempted to use scrapbook paper on tiles to make trivets. I did look into heatproof varnishes but didn't have much luck and then moved onto more interesting things.

So I decided to just stick little feet on the backs of some spare tiles and use those as trivets. 

These foam feet are normally used for protecting furniture and floors, but you could just glue felt or cork to the bottom.

It really is a quick and super simple project that will protect your benchtops. These would also make great gifts, especially if you can find tiles to match the recipients kitchen.

One day I will find some nice tiles, but for now these will do the job! 
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