Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Obi Belts

Quite awhile ago I saw a cute obi style belt on Pinterest - which I didn't pin! Luckily I found it again when I thought it would make a great birthday gift for my sister. Note to self: pin it if you like it!

While I had originally decided to make this belt for my sister, I did make this for someone else as their birthday was first. It turned out great, but this blue leopard print one I made was too big for me - which meant it would be too big for my sister as well.

When I made the first one for my sister I reduced the length by about 3 inches (from the back piece as well as the sides). It was still slightly too big for me so I decided to hold off making the second one until she tried it on.

And it turns out I needed to take off another two inches which I just did from the two sides this time. Lesson learnt - measure your waist first when making belts!

It was an easy belt to sew up, and you really can make it from one fat quarter! You can get the Obi-Style Belt tutorial and pattern from Sew Mama Sew and you can also visit Casa Crafty who created the Obi-Style Belt!
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