Friday, 16 November 2012

Our first room renovation!

Lately we have been very busy working on renovating the first room of our house!

We have decided to use the medium sized bedroom as our master so we can use the big master bedroom as our 'office'. Some people think we are a bit weird for doing that, but we would both prefer more desk space for our hobbies rather than extra floor space in our bedroom - after all you are asleep most of the time you are in your bedroom!

Getting our new bedroom to this point was a lot of work and we learnt a lot along the way!

Our house was a rental before we bought it - it hasn't been looked after, it is getting old, and whoever did any work on this house was lazy! So you can imagine all the prep work we had to put in before we could start putting this room back together.

And of course I completely forgot about taking a before photo!!! I must remember for the next room, which luckily is in much better condition and won't need as much work.

I wanted to have grey walls with white trim, and while I am happy with the colour it is a lot darker than I wanted. This colour will probably be used as our feature wall colour for the rest of the house. Painting the trims took many, many coats of paint - going from mission brown to white is not fun! The next room will have a lot of sanding work on the trims before a paint brush gets anywhere near it!

The floor was in ok condition, it just hadn't been laid properly so we pulled it all up (and stole some out of the smallest bedroom) so we could lay it all over again!

For now, I just need to decide what colour furniture I want, figure out a new wardrobe, pick a new quilt cover, paint a picture for above our bed and think about which lamps I want to use! Oh and make a new bed for Trixie... and figure out where it would fit!

Oh and when I go to bed I need to stop thinking about all of that and just go to sleep...
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