Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Create for 365 days - August 2012

Well I have been a bit slack with photographing, editing and uploading the crafts I have been making! I've finished uploading the photos from August, however they aren't very interesting since I mostly did origami while we were away.

154: Blue rope dog toy. This is the tutorial I used to learn the 'braiding' -
155: Stamped gift tags.
156: Another wall plaque.
157: Ladybug magnets.
158: Glass stone magnets. I used this tutorial -
159: More origami balls.
160: Pendant made from a coconut shell elephant button.
161: Finally filled my origami ball vase!
162: Stamped bookmarks which I then coloured with gel ink pens.
163: Red loopy hair clip. Tutorial I used-
164: Light purple loop hair clip - angled cut. Tutorial -
165: Origami cubes now that my origami ball jar is full!
166: Cardboard compartment for my sewing machine. 
167: Attempted a wire wrap pendant of a Matroyshka bead.
168: Lino cut shell stamp.
169: Butterfly cabochon pendant.
170: Created a lino cut love stamp... but then I lost my stamp!
171: Modified a cross stitch pattern from my "Two-hour cross stitch" book by Patrice Boerens.
172: More loopy flowers. Tutorial -
173: My first attempt at a luggage tag - I am making these for father's day gifts.
174: Three more origami cubes.
175: Five more origami cubes.
176: My red cross stitch tree magnet.
177: Four origami cubes.
178: Three origami cubes.
179: Graphic of my love logo since I lost the stamp I carved.
180: More origami cubes.
181: And even more origami cubes.
182: Blue tree cross stitch magnet.
183: Used hot glue to keep my peg basket in place.
184: The luggage tags I made for my dad for father's day.

Unfortunately my Flickr account is getting close to the limit for a free account so I will be deleting a few of the photos - mostly repeats of projects like my origami cubes and balls.
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