Monday, 10 September 2012

Sewing machine storage for feet

As you might remember I got a new sewing machine for my birthday - a Janome 3160 QDC.  The accessory storage for this machine can be pulled open without removing it, which is great because it came with a lot of feet! Unfortunately it got rather annoying digging through looking for the right one, and it will only get worse as I buy more feet.

Originally I made a pouch for all my sewing machine supplies, which had plenty of room but still had the issue of needing to dig around to find what I wanted.

In the end I chose to make a cardboard insert to sit on top and create a second level for the feet.

Now I have my most commonly used feet in the top section and can see at a glance which one I want!

Measuring this was a bit of a pain but since I used cardboard I could trim it where required. As I get more feet I might create dedicated compartments for each foot - since most are small I can always create more levels in each section.

If your sewing machine has accessory storage like this you may find it very convenient to create your own insert.
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