Wednesday, 5 September 2012

July 2012 - Create for 365 Days

My summary for July 2012...

You can check out all of my photos here at Flickr.  

123: Gold wire wrapped shell disc pendant.
124: Tulip cross stitch magnet.
125: Tulip cross stitch pattern.
126: Inifinity scarf from a thin stretch fabric - I just sewed the ends together since it won't fray.
127: More framed blobby drawings.
128: Yellow rope dog toy for Trixie - kind of followed this tutorial:
129: A new black and white floral type cushion cover.
130: Another cushion cover with blue polka dots.
131: Another origami multiplex ball.
132: More origami multiplex balls.
133: A little zippered pouch - I used a zip from an old t-shirt.
134: More origami multiplex balls.
135: More origami multiplex balls.
136: More origami multiplex balls.
137: More framed blobby drawings.
138: Repaired the rip in my paper parasol - see this post where I explained how I did it.
139: Fabric tissue case - I used this tutorial:
140: Blobby drawing based around a scotty dog - posted about here.
141: Red, black, white and grey striped cushion cover.
142: RC helicopter foam bag insert for my husband.
143: Another fabric tissue case - I used this tutorial:
144: More origami multiplex balls.
145: Origami cubes - similar to the multiplex balls.
146: Another fabric tissue case - this time I used this tutorial so that all the edges were inside:
147: Black and silver stamped swirl gift tag.
148: Wall plaque of me at the Japanese Gardens.
149: Black and silver swirl stamped gift tag.
150: Black and gold swirl stamped gift tag.
151: More origami multiplex balls.
152: This is a copy of a beaded headband I had as a teenager. The original had elastic connecting the bottoms but I cut it off and pinned it into my hair.
153: Bamboo stamped gift tag.
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