Thursday, 20 September 2012

Cross stitching in the car

Before we left for Canberra I was trying to think of a couple of crafts I could do in the car. I chose to take along my 2 inch paper squares to make origami cubes and I chose to take along some cross stitch.

I did take my large cherry blossom cross stitch just in case, but as I thought, I didn't end up doing any of it - it is just too big to do in the car.

Instead before we left I decided I would make a couple of cross stitch magnet kits. I opted to create my own pattern based around a tree from my "Two-hour cross stitch" book by Patrice Boerens. I could have simply used her pattern but I wanted to make the most of the space available on the magnet.

As you can see it is still quite similar but mine is taller and not quite as wide. Because this isn't my own original pattern, I won't be sharing it with you. It does show that you can easily make an existing pattern work for your needs with a little alteration!

I had two magnets left so I chose to do a red one for Ray and a blue one for me!
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