Sunday, 5 August 2012

May 2012 - Create for 365 days

My Create for 365 days summary for May 2012...

You can check out all of my photos here at Flickr.

062: July and August watercolour calendars.
063: Butterfly cabochon pendant.
064: Scrapbook paper bookmark.
065: Wall plaque with a photo from our wedding.
066: Tiled coasters for my house since my favourite colour is blue and my husbands is red.
067: "Blobby" drawing bookmark.
068: Glittered photo frame with a stamped mat board.
069: Wire wrapped pendant - I call this one a sunset as the stone has a gradient from light to dark orange. Much prettier in real life.
070: Red chrysanthemum hair clip.
071: Stamped and coloured bookmark.
072: Another infinity scarf for my MIL for mothers day. I kind of used this tutorial, but I just folded my material in half to have 1 piece so I only had to sew one seam up the side.
073: Glittered gift tag - lesson learnt to keep out of reach of not only the cat, but also the husband until it dries!
074: Wire wrapped pendant using a dark blue gemstone.
075: A doggy jumper for Alfie.
076: Magnet pegs for Oma.
077: Another wall plaque photo from our wedding.
078: Toadstool stamped and coloured bookmark.
079: Black glittered shell gift tag.
080: My tuna can pincushion - Pincushion: Felt flower tutorial by Yoonie:
081: Wire wrap pendant with a funny blue speckled gemstone.
082: Blue felt flower hairclip - Tutorial by Yoonie:
083: Mini silver card with blue glittered boat wheel.
084: Blue salad bowl rat house.
085: Blue contact covered spiral notebook - tutorial:
086: Black glittered anchor gift tag.
087: Another felt flower hairclip in pale purple - Tutorial by Yoonie:
088: Another mouse for Dash.
089: Lucky stars in a green Buddha shaped beer bottle from China called "Lucky".
090: Another felt flower hairclip in reddy pink - Tutorial by Yoonie:
091: Black glittered birds gift tag.
092: Etched "18" beer mug.
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