Sunday, 19 August 2012

June 2012 - Create for 365 Days

My summary for June 2012 - Create for 365 days...

You can check out all of my photos here at Flickr. 

093: September and October watercolour calendars.
094: Contact covered spiral notebook - see how I did it here.
095: Glittered gift tag.
096: Rhinestone letterbox numbers.
097: S and V etched wine glasses.
098: Pen holder using a milo tin.
099: Bookmark featuring a watercolour flower.
100: Pink shell disc wire wrapped pendant.
101: Another wall plaque of Ray.
102: Blue painted glass jar.
103: Another set of coasters for my house.
104: Pendants from some really nice shell buttons.
105: Bookmark of a panda done in watercolours.
106: Fluro fish stamped mini card.
107: Wall plaque of me and Ray skimboarding at Fraser Island.
108: White shell disc wire wrapped pendant.
109: November and December watercolour calendars.
110: My "blobby" fox drawing - blogged about here.
111: Mini stamped birthday card.
112: Blue glittered glass jar.
113: Trixie's new doggy jumper.
114: A bag for Ray's helicopter remote control.
115: A big dog jumper for my local animal shelter.
116: Another dog jumper for my sisters dog, Lexi.
117: New rat house from a salad bowl.
118: Zippered pouch for my sewing machine supplies.
119: Green shell disc wire wrap pendant.
120: My "blobby" female figure drawing - computer edited - blogged about here.
121: Repaired this mahjong set - it was badly damaged in the post.
122: Started framing my "blobby" drawings!
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