Monday, 16 July 2012

Using a section of a stamp

If you have been following my Create for 365 days photos on Flickr you may have noticed a lot of gifts tags, mini cards and bookmarks that I have made.

I thought I would share the easiest way to make personalised cards and other papercrafts.

When I was little my parents gave me a plastic briefcase stamp kit that had 120 stamps in it, add that to all the other stamps I already had and have occasionally bought and carved myself and there is a reason I have a box of stamps that are hardly used.

As a teenager I used them to decorate my school diary which I would then colour in during boring classes...

I have alphabet and number stamps that feature animals - eg. P for panda. So while the stamps are cute I found that generally I would like to use the animal part of the stamp but don't want to use the letter or number part.

Would you believe there is an easy fix for that?

Original stamp -- butterfly only -- butterfly in colour
All I do is take either a texta or a gel pen and ink up the part of the stamp I want to use. You have to be quick so the ink doesn't dry but it works.

And once you know that you can prepare the stamp quick enough, you can try out coloured stamping.

It is easier to use textas for bigger stamps with large surface areas to cover, but for most of my stamps I just use gel pens.

Any parts that don't stamp clearly are easily touched up using your gel pen.

Once the ink is dry I simply colour in the stamp using gel pens or water colour pencils.

Hopefully now you are able to see more options in your stamps!
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