Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Repair a paper parasol

Back in 2007 we went to Thailand and among the many souveniers I brought home was this lovely paper parasol.

In our old house I thought it would be nice to have my parasols on display, unfortunately the cats thought they were fun to play with and my lovely paper parasol ended up with a big rip thanks to the little ratbags!

I finally looked up how to fix paper parasols and not having any starch or similar paper, I opted to ignore the internet and just glued the edges together from the back using paper towel and pva.

I hoped for the best and let it dry completely, luckily it worked out as you can see...

Where all the paper was ripped there was a noticeable white edge which was really bugging me. To disguise that I tried out my watercolour pencils and again I was lucky, as the rip isn't even noticeable now!

As someone who doesn't do trial and error for fear of ruining things, I have to say I am quite proud of myself for finally fixing it! I may have to force myself to do things like this more often.
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