Wednesday, 11 July 2012

March 2012 - Create for 365 days

I thought I would share a summary of my progress each month for my "Create for 365 days" challenge.

And what better way to present all my photos than as a collage... and then give you links to any tutorials I used!

001: My chunky blue beaded bracelet.
002: Tile coasters using a golden paper with Asian writing.
003: My painted mobile phone case.
004: Glittered photo frame - Paint on PVA, sprinkle with glitter, after it is dry paint over it with watered down PVA to keep the glitter in place.
005: Rhinestone letters (originally started for our wedding cake).
006: March, April, May and June calendars coloured in with watercolour pencils.
007: Gelatin air freshener in a bamboo etched glass bottle. Tutorial here:
008: Headband for my mum.
009: Scrapbook paper clock - Cut the paper to size and stick on using double sided tape.
010: Tuna can pincushion for my Grandma's birthday. Tutorial for pincushion:
011: Felt flower hair clip.
012: Penguin cross stitch that my sister brought back for me from New Zealand.
013: Flower etched fruit bowl.
014: Glittered gift tags.
015: Winnie the Pooh and Piglet bookmark kits.
016: Pink baby bear cross stitch.
017: Felt flower hair clip.
018: Black dress slip.
019: Blue baby bear cross stitch.
020: Crazy bee cross stitch.
021: Crazy bee cross stitch pattern:
022: Purple ruffled dog collar for Trixie.
023: Felt flower hair clips - Tutorial by Yoonie:
024: Ribbon covered pen... fail.
025: Painted xbox case.
026: Scrapbook paper card and envelope set.
027: Tuna can pincushion for my mums birthday - Pincushion: Felt flowers:
028: Scrapbook paper peg magnets.
029: Zebra dog collar.
030: Signature tree for my SIL's wedding.
031: Tulle and poplin flower hair clip.

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