Friday, 27 July 2012

April 2012 - Create for 365 days

I thought I had better get my April Create for 365 days summary up! July will be over soon and I am only now up to April's summary. Rather than spend hours creating a collage I opted to take a screen shot of my flicker photos and edit out the photos from March and May. Quick and simple, making it more likely that I will get the other months done soon.

You can check out all of my photos here at Flickr.

032: Mini silver gift card with black glitter birds.
033: Black and silver theme beaded bracelet.
034: Orange wire wrapped pendant.
035: Onyx hair combs.
036: Needle cushion for my mum - Pincushion: Felt flowers:
037: Tiled coasters with a metallic blue paper featuring Asian style writing.
038: Wall plaque with a photo of Stellar in our Queensland Bottle Tree.
039: A funny looking catnip mouse for Dash - that he knocked off the table so Trixie could promptly destroy it!
040: Glittered pegs!
041: Purple origami balls.
042: Suki's photo collage :(
043: My scrapbook paper clock (its been like that for 3 months so I think I must really like it now!)
044: Light blue polka dot dog collar.
045: Wall plaque with a photo of Suki as a kitten.
046: Tiled coasters for my big sisters birthday.
047: Amethyst wire wrap pendant.
048: My bamboo stamp as a bookmark.
049: Double infinity scarf  - I kind of used this tutorial, but I just folded my material in half to have 1 piece so I only had to sew one seam up the side.
050: I had to fix the clasp on this bracelet and also bulked it up with more beads.
051: Wall plaque of Dash as a kitten. 
052: Funny looking gemstone wire wrapped pendant.
053: Brown and blue polka dot dog collar.
054: Red gerbera hair clip.
055: Multi colour origami balls.
056: Dark amethyst wire wrap pendant.
057: Blue arrow cushion.
058: Trixie's cotton jumper.
059: Wall plaque of Trixie as a tiny puppy.
060: Blue shell wire wrap pendant.
061: Dark blue origami ball - I cut the paper too small for this ball and it takes longer to do the smaller it gets. It has definitely put me off making any more of them for awhile.
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