Monday, 28 May 2012

Sweet Potatoes

Did you know it is really easy to grow sweet potatoes? I grew them by accident!

We have a garden bed in our front yard which I decided would be great for veggies, so I started collecting kitchen scraps and burying them in the garden bed as we have really sandy soil. I had a couple of sweet potatoes that were getting a bit old so I buried them in there. So of course one of them starts growing really well! 

These sweet potatoes are the third crop I have dug up!

I have started taking note of the dates I dig them up as it is hard to tell what's happening underground. So far it seems that it takes 2 - 3 months to get good sized sweet potatoes. When digging them up you need to be careful as it is easy to knock the little sweet potatoes off the plant. If you notice raised patches of soil, chances are you have some sweet potatoes nearly ready.

I only allow my sweet potato plant to grow in area about 100cm x 60cm. I have to trim the plant regularly to keep it that size. You can use your cuttings to make new plants or you can eat the leaves like spinach/asian greens in stir fries.

Aren't the sweet potato flowers beautiful! Look for them in the morning.

Yep, I still get excited when my plants grow fruit, veg or even flowers!
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