Friday, 16 March 2012

Puzzle Magnet

When I was little I used to make puzzles using magnets and stickers. It is so easy to do, and a fun craft for kids to make and play with.

The easiest way is to use stickers, but you can just as easily make a magnet of your favourite picture using double sided tape or glue.

For this tutorial I have used a panda photo cut from a calendar. You could use photos, magazine pictures or even artwork you have drawn yourself.

The best thing is that you can use magnets that companies use for advertising. Yes, I do have a lot of these ready and waiting to be used for craft.

  1. Glue or stick your picture to your magnet and trim the magnet to fit your picture.
  2. Mark out your cutting lines for the pieces.
  3. Cut each piece carefully so they line up properly.
  4. Assemble either on your fridge or the back of another magnet.
Please excuse the bad quality photos, the weather has been terrible again and my lights don't help!
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