Thursday, 23 February 2012

Rainbow Tile Coasters

Well I have been busy making more tile coasters using a rainbow scrapbooking paper.

I did test my trivets with the boiling saucepan again, unfortunately with the same result. We used up all of our internet data and since I don't have patience with slow internet; more research will need to wait.

Anyway, back to the coasters... I also made these rainbow ones as a gift and decided to use the extra rainbow paper and green paper to make a few coasters for my Made It store.

Now I want to make myself some lovely blue coasters. Maybe. I still like my coiled magazine coasters. I'll have to take some photos of those to share with you (as well as find the tutorial I used).

I did figure out what size paper I need to make an origami box to fit the coasters into! 

I used a 30cm square piece of paper which created this box at 11cm. I think it is a good size as it gives me plenty of space for protective packaging. If you want a lid for your box, you can either start one box with a slightly smaller piece of paper or simply don't fold the edges in quite as far on one box.

For shipping I just want the bottom box to stop the tiles sliding around without using loads of tape.

I do have a couple more sets of tile coasters in mind for birthday presents, and hopefully more trivets! They really are a great craft, enjoyable to make and fun to personalise for gifts. I hope everyone I know is looking forward to coasters for their birthday...
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