Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Phonecard Magnets

After sharing my bee magnets with you, I thought I would share my favourite magnets with you.

All of these magnets are simply old phonecards. My dad used to work overseas and had to use phonecards to be able to contact us while he was away. Of course we loved seeing all the different pictures from the different countries he visited. I had a bag full of old phonecards, so rather than having them sit in a bag where they never get seen, I chose a few that would look cute as magnets!

I don’t use these magnets to hold anything on my fridge – they are purely there to look pretty!  If you happen to have a collection of old phonecards sitting around put some magnets on the back. My magnets are 3.8cm x 2cm and I only used 1 of them, I would suggest you use 3 if you want them to hold notes.

All of these phonecards are from Singapore. Now my dad has email and satellite phones to use while he is at work – luckily he still brings back different lollies and chocolates!
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