Friday, 27 January 2012

Love Silhouette Art

I have finally finished my love silhouette pen drawing (in my head I still call them blobby drawings). 

The original hand drawn picture was started about 5 years ago. Unfortunately I was handraising a baby peachface at the time who decided to poo right on my drawing. Because of that bird I started the drawing all over again. 

It was only November 2011 that I decided I would take the drawings and edit them in photoshop. Now that I edit my drawings, every time I smudge a drawing, mess up a line, my arm gets bumped or a baby birds poos on it, it isn't such a big deal because I can fix it later.

So I reveal to you my love silhouette pen drawing...

Love Silhouette Pen Drawing

Do you see it? I have added this drawing to my CafePress store on some shirts and some bags. But I have a feeling it isn't obvious enough for people to notice without being told to look for it.

Either way, I love this drawing. It has taken me the longest time to complete it but I just love asking people to tell me what they see.

And as long as I love my art, that is all that matters. (I wish I was that confident!)
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