Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Dinosaur Hats

It is my nephews birthday today! Happy 8th Birthday!

Here is what I made him (as per his request):

If you want to make a dinosaur hat I used this tutorial from Cut Out + Keep.

These hats are really easy to make, especially after the first one.

Originally I made a dinosaur hat for my dad as his Christmas present. When I got a sewing machine, I asked my dad if I made a hat, would he wear it. He said that he would as long as it didn't have ears... this dinosaur hat doesn't have ears which means he has to wear it!

It is far to hot to wear this hat any time soon but my nephew loved it when he stayed at my parents house. So much so that when I got there he asked me to make one for him as well.

So I made one for him and I hope he still loves it!

I also used the remaining polar fleece to make one for my little brother in laws birthday - which isn't until August - I am very organised this year!

I bought half a metre of each of the two colours and made 3 hats, so they don't cost much for supplies since I already had everything else. 

I didn't add the teeth and the only other thing I did differently was to cut the lining piece slightly smaller (about half a cm).
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