Sunday, 22 January 2012

Beaded People

I found my cute little beaded people that I made when I was about 13. As cute as they are, they aren’t good as earrings - my hair was continually getting caught around them! I remember making little beaded people on keyrings to give as Christmas presents to my friends – in their favourite colours of course!

I look at them now and think about how much I have learnt, I really should make a couple just so I can see where I have improved … or how much of a perfectionist I am when it comes to my crafts!

The patterns for these were actually in a kit of my mum’s with the instructions on a little folded up sheet of paper. Needless to say, once she showed me the instructions there wasn’t very much left in her kit! I never did make all of the little dolls as I wasn’t interested in the soldiers and goblins. I will have to make a complete set of these one day. 

Oh and I should give the instructions back to my mum!
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