Friday, 13 January 2012

Art Drawing - Female

After posting about my moon cat pen drawing that I uploaded to Cafe Press, I thought I would share with you my first ever commissioned artwork!

While I was still in high school I was working at a restaurant on Friday and Saturday nights. After my shift finished I used to call my parents, then wait for them to pick me up. One night my boss saw me drawing my blobby drawings while I waited and she asked me to paint one of the female figure to replace the artwork in the women's bathroom!

It was all very exciting for me to have someone like my art so much they wanted to pay me to do a drawing for them.

Female Figure Pen Drawing
These drawings used to finish a lot quicker as I used nikko markers, however as my drawings got better the bleeding of ink into the paper was frustrating. Now I use gel ink pens with my no bleed paper which is the reason it takes me so long to complete a drawing.

I drew so many of these drawings when I used the nikkos that they covered a section of my mum's wall, luckily she liked them being there!
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