Sunday, 25 December 2011

Stencilled T-shirt

I decided I wanted to try out fabric painting for my nephews Christmas present. My sister just got a boxer puppy so I chose a boxer silhouette for his shirt.
All I did was take a photo of a boxer and using photoshop made it into a silhouette. I then printed it off,  traced it onto clear contact paper and carefully cut with a craft knife.
You could easily print off the original photo and hand draw a silhouette if you don't use photoshop.
After lining up my stencil and carefully checking  all the edges were properly stuck down, I used one of those sponge stencil brushes to apply the paint. I actually left the stencil on the t-shirt overnight so I didn't accidentally get paint anywhere. It came off easily the next morning without peeling any paint off the shirt.
And here it is! It turned out great so after Christmas is over I am going to paint a shirt for myself.

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