Thursday, 13 October 2011

Spring flowers

I went outside this morning to feed Trixie and noticed that some of my jasmine flowers have finally opened! I love the smell of jasmine and the beautiful white flowers. My plant is covered in buds at the moment and I hope they all open around the same time as it looks beautiful covered in white.
While I was taking photos of my jasmine I thought I would show you the rest of my beautiful flowers. Most of my plants are still in pots until we get a new fence. And most of those pots are in the fenced off section since Trixie loves to destroy them.

I love these native violets, even without the flowers the leaves look so cute covering the ground.
This is my beautiful hippeastrum, this one was the last of the five buds to open, which is nice as it means I get to see them for longer.

These gorgeous yellow ones are a water iris, so I just have their pot sitting in a big bucket of water. They have taken over their pot and the bottom of the bucket so I really should separate them.

My chillis are all starting to flower and produce fruit. I also have chilli seedlings popping up in pots everywhere. I don't really use chilli unless it is for sweet chilli sauce, I purely grow them for the way they look. The silly puppy eats them - even the really hot ones!

All of the brunfelsia plants in the neighbourhood are flowering at the moment. They look gorgeous and smell great as well. Unfortunately all parts of them are poisonous for dogs so we cut the huge one out of the backyard. This one is out the front so it can stay until we get a new fence.

The last one is a bottlebrush, the birds are loving it which means the cats are as well since it is planted right outside the lounge room window!

All my calla lily bulbs have started to sprout now as well so I can't wait to see what colours I get this year! Love spring time for the flowers, although it already feels like summer here!
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