Saturday, 10 September 2011


Hi! I’m Krystal, a crafter from Australia.

I was lucky enough to grow up with lots of opportunities to try out new crafts. I inherited my craftiness from my mum and grandma and have always been taught, encouraged and given opportunities to try new things.

I have a wonderful husband, Ray who I married in November last year. Luckily Ray didn’t mind all the little things I just had to make for the wedding myself. I continuously made changes and tried new things – I’m sure I would have kept coming up with new ideas but there had to be a point where I stopped trying out new projects and had to focus on what I had already started.

I have tried so many different crafts but my favourites are origami and beading. At the moment I am learning to sew and I am slowly getting better.

Other than crafting I am an animal lover. We have two cats – Dash the tabby and Suki who is white with grey and ginger tabby patches. We also have a puppy named Trixie who is 6 months old and crazy! We also have our fish, rats and snakes.

I have started this blog in the hopes of giving back as a thank you to everyone who shares their own ideas on the internet. I have had so many ideas, so much inspiration, found helpful advice and DIY tutorials that in return I hope to help others who visit my blog.
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