Friday, 8 April 2016

Cat Rescue Charms

I foster kittens every now and then for my local cat rescue. I shared a photo of my foster cat Chaos in a post about a wood burnt cat spoon, he is my cat now. My husband finally let me keep him after Chaos got crystals in his urine, I guess he saw how upset I was at the possibility he might die. Either way, Chaos is a special little character and luckily he has found his forever home with me.

Our rescue has wonderful creative supporters that donate their handmade items for us to sell so we can raise money to care for unwanted cats and kittens.

We had organised a market stall so I decided I would make a whole lot of cat phone charms that we could sell. After the market stall I needed to make a stand so they could sit at the vet where we get all the vetwork for our rescue cats.

I made some of the phone charms with the loops used for the older phones that had the little spot to loop it through. They still work great to attach to keyrings, zips, car mirrors, etc. But they don't work with new phones, so I found earphone dust plugs to create charms for those phones.

The tree stand I got for Christmas time originally had bells in all the holes and wasn't very stable with all those charms on it so I made a base and glued it in place. The original charms with loops hung off the branches easy enough. The dust plug charms didn't fit over any branches so I used the holes where the bells were and attached an earring hook with a jump ring so I could hang them.

I didn't take a photo of the non Christmas tree I made, but I just drilled holes and inserted wire to create a hook on either side of the branches.

These trees are a great way to display small items for sale - and they don't need to be specifically for jewellery.
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