Friday, 22 March 2013

Tree of Life Pendants

A few years ago I noticed a lot of wire wrapped tree of life pendants on the internet so I made one for myself! It is my favourite pendant to wear now - this is one of the few pieces that never goes into the jewellery box since it lives under my monitor so I can grab it as I'm leaving the house.

In September I decided that I should make a couple more so I wasn't wearing the same pendant every day.

The first one is my original pendant.
And after making another two pendants I still prefer my first one and haven't worn either of the new pendants! The last one I made using copper wire as the base, but unfortunately it doesn't really show through the wrapped wire. That pendant actually took forever to make as I used really thin wire.

Next time I will try adding seed beads as the leaves - I just need to buy more wire! I have also seen some really nice ones that use a cabochon as the background, but I think I need more wire wrapping practice before I attempt that.
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