Friday, 11 January 2013

Zip Samples

As you know from my blog post last week, I made cushions for everyone on my Christmas list last year. Originally I decided that each cushion would simply have a black or white zip to match the backing fabric. But then I remembered really liking the red zip I used on one of the cushions I made for our couch.

So I thought my feature zip idea was great when I was buying the fabric in a store where I could match the zip at the same time. It was still a good idea when I remembered to take a photo of the fabric with my phone or take the fabric with me to buy zips. But then as I got busier and didn't have time to go shopping I just ended up reverting to my original plan of black or white zips.

Enter my brilliant idea to keep the scrap ends of my zips and their tags so I can match fabric to zip before I visit the store! 

Thanks to thinking up this idea relatively early in my Christmas cushion sewing I now have seven zip samples to make life that little bit easier when buying either fabric or zips online.

If you want to start your own zip sample collection, simply buy a zip bigger than your project requires so you have extra leftover for your sample. I remove the original staple, then staple the two sides back onto the card.

I hope you find this tip useful, I hope I remember to keep it up whenever I buy a new zip colour!

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