Monday, 31 December 2012

Handmade Christmas Gifts 2012

First I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! 

I have been meaning to share the Christmas presents I made this year. I have been so busy this month, I really need to be more organised - between Christmas and all the birthdays at this time of year, I am quickly running out of time to finish birthday gifts!

The good news is that I have decided on most of my Christmas gifts for 2013. Even better I can get started on them whenever I like... lets see how many I have wrapped and ready before December 2013!

So this year I decided to make good use of my fabulous new sewing machine to make all of my Christmas gifts. The added bonus was that I got to practice my sewing skills and I now have a nice variety of scrap fabric.

Because I like to make things fair, I had to think of a Christmas gift that would be suitable for all 22 people on my list. So I opted for cushions with the thought that they can be used in either the bedroom or lounge room, as well as being suitable gifts for kids. Sure guys might not appreciate the decorative aspect of cushions, but they do appreciate the many ways they can use a cushion!

I ended up sewing most of the inserts for the cushions, and have decided I really need a couple of the rectangular ones for myself!

The hardest part was choosing fabric for everyone, but everyone seemed pretty happy with their cushions.

For my husbands Opa and Oma (centre photo) I opted to make a little scrap section on the backs featuring fabric from their kids and grandkids cushions. The bird fabric I used for the front of their cushion will also be used in our 2nd anniversary quilt (when I get started on it). 

At least couples were a little easier as they got matching cushions. On some cushions I opted to use a feature colour as the zip, rather than just plain black or white.

Overall it was a fun project, but rather stressful - I'm glad it is over!
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