Thursday, 1 November 2012

Create for 365 days - September 2012

I have to say I probably won't do a 365 day challenge again. Some days it is really hard to fit in any crafting, let alone finishing a project. Add to that how forgetful I am when it comes to taking photos, writing down what I made each day and then editing and uploading photos.

I finally uploaded all the photos from September to Flickr, while I am on a roll I figured I should keep going and share my September crafts on my blog.

185: I made this cute panda button into a pendant by glueing a bail to the back. Quick and easy project!
186: German shepherd puzzle magnet - tutorial:
187: More luggage tags for father's day - these were for my FIL.
188: Gerbera flower from IKEA turned into a hair clip.
189: This year everyone on my list is getting a cushion Christmas. 1 down, far too many to go!
190: Another photo wall plaque.
191: Wire wrapped pendant.
192: Another wire wrapped pendant.
193: And another wire wrapped pendant.
194: Christmas present #2!
195: This is the second tree of life I have made.
196: I wanted to see how a copper and silver wire tree of life would look, but it didn't really turn out as I hoped.
197: Luggage tags for Opa for father's day.
198: Tissue boxes turned into storage boxes with lids. The bottoms are kleenex tissue boxes and the lids are from the ALDI tissue boxes which are slightly bigger.
199: More tissue boxes with lids.
200: I covered a few boxes in contact just to make them look nicer on my shelves.
201: Photo magnet of Stellar the snake.
202: More tissue boxes with lids.
203: And even more tissue boxes with lids.
204: These are origami newspaper pots that I was trying to figure out which size paper I wanted to use.
205: The rest of the origami newspaper pots I made.
206: Another wall plaque of Lexi the peachface I handraised.
207: Red felt flower hair clip. Tutorial:
208: Cross stitch pattern I drew up for my MDF coaster wall plaque wall. Check out my post here:
209: A gift tag that didn't turn out as I hoped.
210: Christmas present #3
211: My patchwork sewing machine cover. My machine has a hard case so I made the cover to go over that as dust still settles on my machine at the handle hole.
212: Photo wall plaque of one of my succulents.
213: My finished bamboo cross stitch wall coaster. Free pattern uploaded here:
214: Another wall coaster photo of the sunset over the pine forest.
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