Thursday, 24 May 2012

Alfie's new jumper

I looked after Alfie recently as his owner was in hospital

I have to say anyone who fosters dogs must be saints! I am lucky in that I knew Alfie and had some idea of what to expect when I brought him home. As for the people who foster dogs from animal shelters without knowing anything about the dog and having the patience to work with that dog until it finds a new home, I honestly don't know how they do it!

I realise now that Trixie is a really well behaved dog. Sure I don't know what she would be like if she was in Alfie's situation, but for now I am going to believe people when they tell me she is a good dog.

In Australia it is Autumn and the last two nights have been pretty cold. Alfie is a destructo dog so there are only 2 blankets left for the dogs. I recently made Trixie a test jumper from an old sheet which turned out pretty good even though it was too long. Because Alfie has such short hair and very holey blankets I decided to attempt a jumper for him as well.

Because I don't have any large  pieces of material hanging around the house, I had to get creative and recycle! I used the cover from an old foam mattress for the outside of his jumper - I have no idea what the material is but it seems like it may be water resistant which will be good if he needs to go to the toilet when it is raining. For the inside I used an old cotton curtain from when we moved into this house. And sandwiched between the outer pieces for warmth I used the polar fleece blanket we have on the couch - luckily I was considering giving those to Trixie and Dash once it got colder!

As someone who still isn't confident with or good at sewing, I am very happy with Alfie's jumper! There are a few things I need to tweak but its good enough. I guess the added bonus is that he kept it on all night without getting it off and destroying it. It really is impossible to get a good photo of Alfie, so here is one where he was at least standing still showing off his jumper! And Trixie in her too long jumper.

All that white fluff is from Trixie's pillow that she has had since she was a puppy. The orange, yellow and grey scraps are from 3 destroyed blankets. Like I said... destructo dog!

And here is a photo where Alfie is looking at the camera!

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