Sunday, 12 February 2012

Art Drawing - Heart

After getting frustrated at how long it was taking me to edit my latest blobby drawing, I started researching (yet again) for a better, quicker way. And finally I have found the way it gets done much nicer and quicker!

Yes it has still taken 2 days of editing - partly because I am not used to this fancy technique and partly because I am a perfectionist. The old way makes all the white lines the same width, the new way makes all the edges nice and smooth.

So far the smooth edges win over perfectly sized lines.

This new drawing is a heart since my husband thinks a big rectangle drawing looks silly on a t-shirt...

My drawings up until now have really been based on filling a whole A4 page so I think it looks a bit strange having a whole lot of blank space around the image. It isn't strange when I focus on creating these drawings for t-shirts, the problem comes when I think of how the drawing will look on my wall.

I guess I am just going to need to make borders to go around every drawing, specifically for my wall!

I will be adding this drawing to my CafePress store:
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